8 weeks:

The puppies joined me in removing horse manure from the field ;-)

They are definitely not afraid of horses! Actually, they're not afraid of anything this lot, and a bit too curious at times.. Curiosity killed the cat, but being lion dogs, they probably know just when to retreat..

7,5 weeks:

An adventurous week for the puppies:

More new years eve preparations - in March??

Some relaxation ;-)

Learning how to address elder dogs! (Auntie watching over ;-))

Learning how to address a cat (a very friendly one though)

And the horse (very friendly one this as well, hoping they'll only meet her kind of personality in horses later on!) (#1 to the left, #2 to the right)

# 4 by the horse, #3 near the camera

And this was a tiresome day!!

6 weeks:



5 weeks:

Beautiful girls!

Anything interesting in that bowl??

Hasani ;-)

Males can also be childminders ;-)

4,5 weeks:

Hey sleepy puppies - it's feeding time!!

Hungry little ones, but they cannot finish everything, so ZoŽ who has learned what a pulka is all about today got the leftovers ;-)

And on the outside little Hasani who is here for a visit, wanting very much both the leftovers and to play with the lot..

But he can play with BB instead ;-) while Dhamira and ZoŽ is sharing a moment ;-)

To the left - early morning, to the right - after having fed the horses in the stable (Dhamira, BB and Hasani), played in the dogyard (Iza, Hasani, BB and ZoŽ) and learned to pull pulka (with Su in it!) and me on ski behind (only ZoŽ pulling, Hasani watching) ;-)

And some evening telly - with fireworks! ;-D

2 weeks:

1,5 weeks:

1 week old:


Day 4:

Day 2: